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lion and woman, Guido Katol, 15000€

Guido Katol

Guido Katol (b. 1962) addresses a fundamentally human need with his pictures: the telling of a story. With idiosyncratic, vivid brushstrokes and rich colors, Katol knits narratives that stretch beyond the canvas to be spun further with the help of the viewer's imagination. The plot involuntarily changes in the course of the process of its creation. At the beginning there is always an inspiration, an impulse in the form of an image. Whether it is an advertising advertisement or a photo from a magazine, it does not matter. Katol transfers the seemingly everyday to the screen in a changed constellation, involves it in a story and gives it a new name. For this purpose, with instinctive certainty and the knowledge of an infinite color spectrum, he uses rough, virtuoso brushstrokes on the canvas for the first time, from which organic forms gradually come together, mostly animals and people. Like Katol's pictorial themes, the creation of his paintings is also characterized by the natural, life-like principles of repeated destruction and incessant growth. Katol is not afraid to discard the past in order to create something new from it. Initially rejected attempts at other images serve as a fabulous basis for new works and so the final results also carry a certain form of narration, which can be discovered by means of traces of color under the dense, impasto brushstrokes.



class="red">Litography: 1200€

Art as investment

I find art as an investment opportunity. I have been a stock market investor and investing since 2017. I already have the capital to afford other types of investments. This year has shown the greatness of investing in stocks. However, just a few people know that there are hundred different types of investing. Most people think that real estate investment is one of the most profitable and stable investments. I like real estate, but I can't diversify my portfolio with it. However, art and collection investment will change your mind.

I prefer 3 investments: investment in the winery, paintings, and startups (venturing). We can also add investment in yourself, that is the primary investment of your young life, later the investment in children starts. The winery is one of the most prospective investments. Briefly, the weather changes so unpredictably that the amount of good wine is decreasing yearly. In 10-20 years, the demand for a good (also old) wine will be so high that you may get enormous profit. The average collection bootle of wine increases the cost by 25% every year. And sooner the price will be growing 35-50% per year. Once when young investors are fed up with stocks, they will find new opportunities.

Basically, the wine will stay in your basement till the moment of selling. Art, on the other hand, can be seen all the time. The conditions, like humidity and temperature for the 20-21 century art, are not so important. Even the sunlight is not so bad for new pictures. You may present your picture to your guests or bring it to exhibitions, where you get to know known people and get some VIP stuff.

Art is different; there are some bullshits that are not important for society. These pictures can cost a lot, but only due to an author's name or a bad taste of buyers (the gypsy style). It will be tough to make any profit with this picture. The other thing in art is the difference between decoration and importance. The pictures from Ikea or from street authors are a decoration. It may be beautiful, but these pictures don't make any sense, and such pictures lose their value or gain a miserable profit.

The important art is not always suitable for an interior. A lot of art is depressive and causes bad feelings. However, they may cost millions. The main idea of pictures is to make you feel, to open your emotions.

You may find all the artworks mentioned here in Aurora Art Gallery (1 metro station from Karlsplatz in Vienna). Tell Emanuele that you have come from Daniil. Emanuel will make a discount because he saves more money on advertisements. https://www.aurora-art-gallery.com